Future Of Aviation

New to our ground display is "THE FUTURE OF AVIATION" Exhibit, showcasing the future of flight, technology and aerospace.

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Rocket Lab will be deploying a trade booth featuring a 3D printed Stage 2 Rutherford engine and a small team of people to inspire the current and future aerospace enthusiasts.

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Air New Zealand is committed to reaching net zero by 2050. We have a roadmap to get there and are working with both local and global stakeholders, developers and innovators to advance the solutions we need.



Small enough to carry by car, powerful enough to operate at 15,000 feet, the body controlled IJ6180 Jetsuit enables on-demand human flight into areas no other manned aircraft or land vehicle can reach.

With no fuselage and no mechanical controls, the Jetsuit simply amplifies the effect of already familiar movements, making it intuitive to fly, freeing mental capacity for mission focused tasks. Its compact size sees the end to expensive hangarage and enables flight into (and landing/take-off from) places too small or treacherous for other manned aircraft or land vehicles. With no fuselage to check and maintain, it’s ready for flight in minutes, and can be flown just inches off the ground, in a similar profile to motorcycles …without the requirement of good road surface & traffic conditions.

And while it’s practical and convenient, it’s the gobsmacking thrill of flight in the way we’ve all dreamed of, that makes it the ultimate experience not to be missed.



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Kea Aerospace flies solar-powered stratospheric aircraft to acquire frequent high-resolution aerial imagery for commercial, humanitarian, environmental and defence applications.  The company will have a display at Warbirds Over Wanaka in 2024.




  Kea Aerospace

The MK-II Aurora Spaceplane has completed 50 successful flights, is unique in that it combines the performance of a rocket and the rapid reusability and economic model of an aircraft. MK-II is a technology demonstrator but it will also be used as a suborbital vehicle for climate and scientific payloads.  Longer-term, Mk-II will inform the design of the orbital vehicle used to launch satellites.  Dawn is the fastest-growing supplier of green in-space propulsion.


   Mk II Aurora in flight

Electric Air is a social enterprise on a mission to clean up our skies.  Electric planes are cleaner, quieter and cheaper to operate.  We believe NZ is a no-brainer for electric planes, with one of the highest rates of short haul flights per person of any country in the world and an electricity grid powered from predominantly renewable sources. Check out our first aircraft the Pipistrel Alpha Electro.


   Electric Air aircraft 61

Developing a short haul autonomous low- emission cargo aircraft.