2006 Airshow


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A Message from Gavin Johnston, General Manager

At every Warbirds Over Wanaka I’ve made the remark that, in preparation for the next show, the hardest thing we have to achieve now is making the next show better than the last. My observation at this, the tenth Warbirds Over Wanaka, was that this was the best — and so it should have been, we’ve had 18 years’ of experience!

For every show the public demands to see something different. In 2006 there were some important changes to our structure. Firstly, we concentrated on gathering together aircraft from within New Zealand. Secondly, we did not bring any vintage fighters in from overseas, for reasons mainly of cost. However, I still feel we excelled in 2006, finally achieving the presence of an aircraft that has taken us eight years to deliver. Of course I’m talking about the F-111. We must give thanks to the Royal Australian Air Force for allowing this magnificent aircraft to be displayed at our airshow, and to the rest of the team who helped organise this special visit. 

Gavin Johnston
General Manager



Friday 14th April

Practice in preparation for the following two days events. Aviation Trade Expo, Flyers Market, souvenirs and memorabilia, displays of vintage machinery, military vehicles, Classic Fire Engines and The Cameron Air and Seafreight Classic Cockpit .

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th April

The Year of the Veteran.

Morning Programme:

Three Curtiss Kittyhawk Fighters
Massed Helo display
Wanganui Aeroworks Topdressers
World's Women's Aerobatics Pilot - Svetlana Kapanina
Yak 52s
Harvard Display Team
WWI Aircraft - Sopwith Camel, Nieuport 24 and Fokker Triplane & Pfalz

Lunchtime Programme: 

Frazer Briggs model Aircraft
Bleriot XI

Afternoon Programme: 

RNZAF Hrecules, Boeing B757, Kiwi Blue Parachute Team, Iroquois, Red Checkers and Seasprite.
Hawker Hunter
Jurgis Kairys
Kittyhawks, Corsair and Catalina
Battle of Britain:  Spitfire, Hurricane and ME 108
Lavochkin LA-9
Vampires and Albatros L39s

Airfield Attack and Massed Fighter Flypast